Non-Toxic, Certified Humane & Automatic Trap

If you live in the Bay area, you’re no stranger to rats and mice. The Goodnature A24 is an automatic, non-toxic, and humane trapping system that gives you constant control over your rodent population!

The Goodnature A24 is completely poison-free, so you don’t have to worry about pets or wildlife… And the self-resetting system means it keeps working when other traps stop.

A24 Trap Kit
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How It Works


How it Works

The Goodnature A24 attracts rodents with our chocolate and nut butter formula non-toxic lure. As the rat or mouse enters the trap and moves the trigger to get to the lure, the CO2 powers the striker - dispatching the pest swiftly. The rodent then drops from the trap as it resets, ready to strike again.

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